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4000th Display!

At this years Airshow at Royal Air Force LeucharsAt this years Airshow at Royal Air Force Leuchars The Red Arrows were celebrating a huge milestone, their 4000th Display! The first official display that the Team performed was at RAF Little Rissington on 6th May 1965, their 1000th Display took them to The 4000th finale breakGreenham Common on 26th June 1977 followed by the Teams 2000th Display at Bournemouth on 1st June 1986.

The Red Arrows 3000th Display was 9 years later, on 23rd August 1995 at Dartmouth and that brings us to the present with At this years Airshow at Royal Air Force Leucharsthe Teams 4000th Display at On the ground with the CircusRoyal Air Force Leuchars on 9th September 2006. Red 10, Flt lt Andy Robins said "It is a huge honour to be part of The Red Arrows during the Teams 4000th Display, a moment which will go down in the Reds history. This will definitely be something to look back on when The Red Arrows are performing their 5000th Display!"

Pictures supplied by Red Arrow Fans Scott Struthers and Stewart Pound.

18 September 2006